QVAR dosage and patient education assets

QVAR®  Dosing and
Patient Education

Instructions for patients

To help you make sure your patients are using the QVAR® (beclomethasone dipropionate HFA) inhaler properly, we developed an instructional inhaler usage video that can be played below. The instructional video can also be downloaded from the QVAR® desktop site. We have also developed a downloadable asthma patient instruction sheet in English and Spanish that you can provide to your patients.

Patients should be instructed to discard their QVAR® inhaler after the dose counter reaches 0 or after the expiration date. Using the inhaler after this point may result in a loss of asthma control.

Patients should also be instructed to ask about a refill when the dose counter reaches 20 and the numbers turn red.

QVAR® dosing

The tables below provide recommended dosing for patients who:

QVAR® is available in two strengths: a 40 µg/inhalation canister and an 80 µg/inhalation canister. National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP) guidelines recommend using the lowest dose of ICS that maintains asthma control.1

Dosing for adults and adolescents age 12 and older2

QVAR dosage chart for adults and adolescents age 12 and older

Inhaler dosage for children2

Inhaler dose chart for childhood asthma patients prescribed QVAR

QVAR® can be used with or without a spacer.2

Asthma Action Plan

The National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP) guidelines recommend providing patients with an asthma action plan.1 A written asthma action plan provides patients with a reference for:

  • Which medicines they should take and how much
  • When they should use their medicine
  • What to do in the event of a serious asthma attack


QVAR® (beclomethasone dipropionate HFA) Inhalation Aerosol is indicated in the maintenance treatment of asthma as prophylactic therapy in patients 5 years of age or older. QVAR® is also indicated for asthma patients who require systemic corticosteroid administration, where adding QVAR® may reduce or eliminate the need for systemic corticosteroids.

Important Safety Information

  • QVAR® is not a bronchodilator and is not indicated for relief of acute bronchospasm

CAUTION: Adrenal insufficiency may occur when transferring patients from systemic steroids (see WARNINGS, Prescribing Information).

  • A reduction in growth velocity in growing children and teenagers may occur as a result of inadequate control of chronic diseases such as asthma or from use of corticosteroids for treatment
  • Common side effects associated with the use of QVAR® and placebo in clinical trials include, but are not limited to, headache (12% and 9% respectively) and pharyngitis (8% and 4% respectively)

Please see Full Prescribing Information.


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